Where to buy iPhone 4 White in Singapore

This is a follow up post to my earlier post on the availability of iPhone 4 white.

You can now buy the white version of the iPhone 4 on www.singtelshop.com but stocks are limited. So if you are still keen on getting a white iPhone 4, act fast!

iphone 4 white singapore

iphone 4 white singapore

iPhone 4 White Available by end of the month

While the wait persists for an iPhone 5, a new report says the much-delayed white version of the current-generation iPhone 4 will go on sale by the end of the month.

Citing three sources familiar with Apple’s plans, Bloomberg reports that the company intends to put the white version of the popular handset up for sale “in the next few weeks” for both AT&T and Verizon Wireless customers.

Bloomberg also said that Apple does not plan to announce a follow-up to the iPhone 4 at the Worldwide Developers Conference slated for early June, adding additional fuel to rumors that Apple is behind on its usual handset release schedule.

Apple promised a white version of the iPhone 4 when it first announced the phone, though the company failed to ship it alongside the black version that’s been on sale for the past 10 months. At the time, the company said the alternate color was proving more “challenging to manufacture than we originally expected”.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, the sizable delay had been attributed, in part, to the white model’s paint peeling when it got hot. An analyst report published last month said Apple had changed the film material being used to keep the device laminated, putting the company back on track to ship the phone in April.

When introducing the iPad 2 early last month, Apple CEO Steve Jobs made it a point that the iPad 2 would ship in both black and white from day one. The company delivered on that promise. Days later, Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of worldwide product marketing, posted a note on Twitter saying the white iPhone 4 would be available this spring.

Apple broke its own record in its last fiscal quarter, selling 16.2 million iPhones. The company announces its second fiscal quarter earnings next Wednesday, with some analysts predicting it’s sold an even higher number during that time.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the Bloomberg report.

So, when do you think iPhone 4 white will come to Singapore? Will you buy the iPhone 4 White when it is available or wait till iPhone 5 is out?

iPhone 4 White

iPhone 4 White

Source: Via CNET News

Apple iPhone 5 to sport aluminium back?

iPhone 5 prototype with aluminium back casing?

iPhone 5 prototype with aluminium back casing?

With the iPad 2 launch in the rear-view mirror, we’re back to the iPhone 5 rumors, and this week starts with one by way of Taiwan’s Economic Daily News and the Japanese blog Makotakara.

The gist of the talk is that Apple will be abandoning the glass back for an aluminum one, as well as ditching the external antenna, which has been a source of problems for Apple and forced the company to issue free “bumper” guards to prevent signal loss when the iPhone 4 was gripped very tightly.

Some, of course, might think it’s a good idea to unite the iPad and iPhone designs, while others may have different views–or not care at all.

(Source: GadgetsDNA via MacRumors, Via CNET Crave)

iOS 4.3 code shows signs of A5 processor in next iPhone

Apple released the latest update to its iOS operating system just this morning, and already savvy coders have found signs that the company may be testing dual-core processors in the next version of the iPhone.

The iPad 2 is the first iOS device to ship with the A5, Apple’s new dual-core processor that succeeds the A4. The A4 had been released first on the iPad before making its way to the iPhone 4, then later to the iPod touch and Apple TV.

Riffing off the discovery of the A5 processor’s code name within iOS 4.3’s code by Chronic Dev group member Chronic, iOS developer Filippo Bigarella found mention of “N94AP,” a code name that would signify a yet-to-be-released iPhone based on past device code names. The N94AP mention was then linked up with “S5L8940,” the name for the A5 within the iOS code.

Is this a definitive sign the next iPhone will sport a dual-core processor? Certainly not, but it would jibe both with last year’s processor refresh pattern of the iPad’s chip trickling down to other iOS devices, and advanced notice of other Apple products from within development code. That was most recently the case with the Verizon iPhone, which was referenced in iOS 4 code back in August, some five months before it was officially announced.

Source: http://news.cnet.com

How to downgrade iPhone 3G 3GS from iOS 4 to iOS 3

I was having problems with my 3G iPhone after upgrading to iOS4. It made my 3G iPhone very very slow and battery management was a BIG problem. On a few occasions, the iPhone battery just drained itself from 100% to 0% when I was not even using it. I was very unhappy with this update. So I went online to search for information on how to “How to downgrade iPhone 3G 3GS from iOS 4 to iOS 3”, and I managed to find this site with good instructions on how to perform the downgrade. I did the downgrade within 20 minutes and I was lucky there was no hiccups along the process for me. So here is the link to learn how to perform the downgrade if you are interested: http://lifehacker.com/5572003/how-to-downgrade-your-iphone-3g%5Bs%5D-from-ios-4-to-ios-313

One thing to note: I backed up my iPhone data on iOS4 and when I downgraded to iOS 3.1.3, the backup done on iOS4 could not be used on iOS3.1.3, as a result, I lost all my data on my iPhone.

Apple iPad to go on sale this Friday 23 July 2010 in Singapore

According to a Business Times report, the Apple iPad will go on sale this Friday 23 July in Singapore. Great news for all those fans who have been waiting for it! The prices seem reasonable too!

If everything goes as planned, iPhone 4 will hit Singapore shelves on 30 July 2010.

The Singapore-based telcos are offering iPad Price plans but there are no news that they will be selling the Apple iPads themselves.

Prices for the Apple iPads in Singapore will range between $728 to $1228, depending on your model (with or without 3G) and disk space capacity.

The iPads are expected to be sold out due to big demand but limited stocks in Singapore. You should be able to get them at Best Denki, EPI Centre and iStudio.

Manchester United and Liverpool iPhone covers available now!

My new iphone covers for Manchester United and Liverpool are on their way here!

They are very lovely, all my Manchester United and Liverpool fans are falling in love with them! Have received numerous orders for them even before the stocks are here in Singapore.

Here’s some pictures for you as a sneak preview. They are made of hard plastic casings and are suitable for Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS.

If you are interested to buy, send me an email to firedragoninc@gmail.com. Wholesale orders are also available.

Manchester United iPhone Cover

Liverpool iPhone Cover

Mobile Banking in Singapore using your iPhone

For the uninitiated, this is a new post for you, especially if you are interested to do mobile banking via your iPhone.

OCBC Singapore actually has developed an Apple iPhone app quite some time back, which allows you to conduct Internet banking activities using your iPhone. Just search for it in the App Store and you should be able to find the free app. You can check your account balance, do funds transfer etc via this app.

If you are a Citibank customer, you may also be pleased to know that if you surf to www.citibank.com.sg, an mobile version for the Citibank web site will be displayed on your iPhone, allowing you to perform your mobile banking transactions too.

Recently DBS bank also improved on their DBS Internet banking web site allowing iPhone users to authenticate themselves on the existing bank secured site and gain access to customers’ own bank accounts. Previously, there was an issue doing so because of some problems loading some Java components on the iPhone.

I am a customer of these 3 local Singapore banks and I am very glad to know that these local banks are recognising that many consumers will want access to their banking accounts on their mobile devices, and that they are adapting their systems to meet our needs. It is so much convenient for me when I can gain access to my banking accounts without having to find a computer. It is just like having the bank with me. Cool stuff.

I did not have the chance to test out the other local banks’ systems to see if they are compatible with the iPhones. I am pretty sure it is a matter of time before they will.

Apple building new iPhone with 2 cameras – iPhone HD on OS 4.0

Apple is prepping a new iPhone for its annual summer release and is likely also working on a CDMA device for US operator Verizon Wireless, Wall Street Journal has reported.

The new device, to be called the iPhone HD, will have a second, front-facing camera, and will run on the iPhone 4.0 OS, according to blogsites Engadget and Daring Fireball.

According to Engadget, the fourth-gen iPhone is scheduled for release on June 22. Apple has unveiled a new iPhone every summer since the first version was launched in 2007.

One of the new iPhones is being manufactured by Taiwanese OEM Hon Hai, which made Apple’s previous iPhones, the Journal reported. The CDMA version is being manufactured by Pegatron Technology, the contract manufacturing subsidiary of another Taiwan firm, Asustek.

Production of the CDMA phone for Verizon, signals a likely end to AT&T’s role as the exclusive US iPhone carrier for the last three years.

Pegatron is scheduled to start mass production of the CDMA iPhones in September, but it was uncertain when it would start commercial shipments, the WSJ said.

Source: http://www.telecomasia.net

iPhone Accessories Offer 11-14 March – IT Show 2010 Singapore

In conjunction with the IT Show 2010 Singapore this weekend 11-14 March, iPhone Singapore will also offer a special deal this weekend.

For S$10 only, you can get yourself a new piece of iPhone cover + one iPhone screen protector. This will normally cost you between S$20 to S$50 dollars if you buy it from the retail shops in Singapore.

Stocks are very limited as they are going off fast, so act fast if you are interested.

I only have one iPhone cover design available, but there are 12 different colours to choose from. You can take a look at the iPhone covers on this web page: www.iphone-singapore.com/shop.

If you want to take advantage of this offer, please write to firedragoninc@gmail.com ASAP indicating your quantity or ordering details for the iPhone accessories.

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