iPhone 5 Launch 12 Sep, iPhone 5 to be in Singapore on 21 Sep 2012

The whole internet is buzzing with news that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5 launch on 12 Sep 2012.

Everyone is eagerly anticipating and looking forward to the new iPhone 5 to come. The local newspaper Today has recently announced that the iPhone 5 is expected to reach our shore on 21 Sep 2012.

My friends who are iPhone fans are ready to queue at the first availability of the new device. Are you one of them?

Since my purchase of my iPhone 3G in 2009, I have not bought any iPhone yet because they could not keep up to my expectations or needs. After my iPhone 3G, I used the Android-based Sony Ericsson Arc, and my current phone is Samsung Galaxy Note. My next phone upgrade may be the iPhone 5 as I am looking to continue to use many of the paid apps which I have purchased. But of course, I also need to evaluate the iPhone 5 to see if it can keep up what I need to have on my most frequently used device, my smartphone.

Let’s see what Apple can come up with this time round. Apple is really great at marketing, no doubt about that.

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