iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Rumours confirmed

There are a lot of talks about iPhone 5 and iPad Mini launching later this year online. Usually I will dismiss those claims and rumours until I can confirm that Apple is launching the new products in 2012 (remember how Apple fans were disappointed when Apple came up with iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5 earlier this year).

So, you may be asking “How can you confirm the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini launches when Apple did not even reveal anything official about this?

Well for me, it is simple. I know the new iPhone and iPad will be launching when my suppliers in China start to send me product catalogue for new accessories for upcoming Apple products. In this instance here, the cases for the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

Early this morning, I just received the first sampling of the iPhone 5 cases and iPad Mini cases catalogue. From my understanding, these accessories are ready for orders and mass production. In the pipeline, the Chinese manufacturers and suppliers are coming up with more designs for the cases/casings.

So for now, especially for the hardcore Apple fans, the design and look of these iPhone 5 and iPad Mini cases will give you a glimpse into how the new iPhone and iPad will roughly look like. (Hmm, the new accessories for iPhone 5 look very much like the iPhone 4 design, probably a bit longer, or taller if you prefer to call it.) The design seems to coincide with the news about the new iPhone 5 design which was replacing the connector with a smaller one.

Enjoy the photos! And oh, they are available for wholesale orders too. Write to firedragoninc@gmail.com for sales enquiries.

The listings below is not an exhaustive list.

iPhone 5 casings


iPad Mini casings


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