Free Promo Codes for NAVVGPS to be given away

I am used to using the built in Google map on my iPhone to find my way around Singapore all these while.

Just recently, I was introduced to this GPS app known as NAVVGPS.

This is an onboard GPS software which requires no network coverage and no extra data costs on 3G or Wifi to use this app because all maps and POIs are stored directly on your iPhone device. The maps that are being used in the NAVVGPS app are from NAVTEQ, the professional map provider that many of us have heard of.

Some features of this GPS app are outlined below:

Navigation mode

• Turn-by-turn navigation for driving

• Voice instructions for accuracy

• Speeding alerts for safety

• 3D landmarks for making maps more realistic



• Cafes, gas stations, etc. – built-in

• Favorites with categories – customizable

• Google for more POIs – embedded


Maps and languages supported

• You can NAVV in English, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Arabic,
Zulu – overall 25 languages

• NAVV maps are provided by NAVTEQ (2011 Update)


Search by initials

• Flexible search for cities, streets, POIs

• Simply type first letters of desired place

• Just a pair of letters is already enough!

• Accents and national characters are supported


Adventure mode

• Digital compass

• Geo coordinates

• Multiple waypoints

• Dozen of essential meters


I realised that the voice prompts you are hearing in the app are pleasant (to me at least!) and you have the option to download traffic camera spots. There is no option for live traffic though (not yet I believe!).

This is the first professional GPS app that I am using for my iphone and I am having fun playing with it.

Just in case you are interested about how much they cost, here they are:

The costs for the NAVVGPS (for our region) are as follows:
NAVV Singapore & Malaysia costs 24.99 USD,
NAVV Southeast Asia will be 37.99 USD.

For a list of all supported countries, go to their web site

You need iOS4 and above to run this GPS app.

Here are some screen shots of the NAVVGPS app.

To find out more information about this GPS app, go to their web site at

I have some promotion codes (to download the app for FREE instead of paying for it) to give away to my readers of this iphone blog.

To qualify for the free promotion codes (while stock lasts), do these steps below.

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IMPORTANT: Contest has ended. Thank you for your participation. Winners have already received their redemption codes via email.

Congratulations to the following winners are:
Marcus Loh, Joseph Hiu, Steven Leong, Elvin Koay, Roger Leong from Singapore.
Vladimir from Russia.

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