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Ferrari iPhone 4 Cover Casing From

I have brought in a few sets of High Quality Ferrari iPhone 4 covers recently into Singapore to test the market. I have 2 pieces for each of the colours now, available on a first come first serve basis. I went to some retail shops in Singapore to research on their pricing of these covers […]

Manchester United and Liverpool iPhone covers available now!

My new iphone covers for Manchester United and Liverpool are on their way here! They are very lovely, all my Manchester United and Liverpool fans are falling in love with them! Have received numerous orders for them even before the stocks are here in Singapore. Here’s some pictures for you as a sneak preview. They are […]

iPhone Singapore launches simple iPhone store

I acquired 50 pieces of iPhone screen protectors for sale not long ago. Since then I have sold off all of them at ridiculously cheap prices as compared to the local market rates. This month, my new stocks for iPhone covers are in. I only had the chance to start selling them the last week, […]

Garguard for Apple iPhone (2G/3G) To Protect Your iPhone

Description GarGuard – iPhone GarGuard skin is a smooth transparent vinyl that provides the ultimate defence against scratches for your Apple iPhone. At only 0.2mm thick, it leaves the original look of the your favourite iPhone virtually unchanged without the bulk look and feel of other silicon covers. GarGuard is what your precious iPhone needs! […]