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Mobile Banking in Singapore using your iPhone

For the uninitiated, this is a new post for you, especially if you are interested to do mobile banking via your iPhone. OCBC Singapore actually has developed an Apple iPhone app quite some time back, which allows you to conduct Internet banking activities using your iPhone. Just search for it in the App Store and […]

Free Games from Donut Games

I am not really into games but once in a while, I will search the Apple App Store for some games to download so that I can have some games inside my iPhone for me to kill time when I am really bored. Or I can let someone play the games on my iPhone when […]

How to listen to Singapore radio stations on iPhone

If you love listening to the radio, particularly the Singapore radio stations, here is a piece of good news for you. You can try this Free app called LAYLIO on the Apple App Store, it allows you to tune in to the various radio stations in Singapore such as YES 933 and FM 98.7. When […]

What is your Favourite iPhone app?

One of the key selling points of owning an Apple iPhone is the huge availability of iPhone apps that you can download from the Apple App Store. Whenever I am free, I will just browse the Apple App Store to download some useful apps for my iPhone to either entertain myself when I am bored, […]

It’s finally here!Skype to launch iPhone app today

Apple iPhone fans who are also Skype lovers are going to love this news! Skype is finally coming to the Apple iPhone! The very popular desktop application, which already offers a client software for Windows Mobile, will launch its iPhone app on the iTunes app store today . Skype, a division of eBay, is the […]

Interesting statistics for Apple iPhone apps

I just saw this piece of news from today: “Only a fifth of users who download free applications from Apple’s app store use the program the next day, according to data collected by iPhone analytics firm Pinch Media. Among paid apps, the figure is only slightly higher. According to the data, collected from around […]