Cameraless iPhone 4/4S now available with M1

For many of us in Singapore who serve National Service, we all know that we are not allowed to bring camera phones into military camp premises. If you are an iPhone lover and would love to bring your iPhone into camp legitimately, your wait is finally over! M1 is now selling iPhone 4/4S without built-in cameras. You can check out their web site for more details. I am also republishing the article from TodayOnline below:

That camera-less iPhone that appeared briefly on M1′s website? It’s now official.

As seen on M1′s store, both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models are available camera-less, with bundled plans, each one costing S$49 more than a regular phone with a camera would.

And, as reported by CNET Asia, the cameras are actually completely removed from the phone, so a) there’s no reinstalling them, and b) your Apple warranty is also voided. If you want a warranty, M1 offers an optional one-year contract with a third-party vendor that will cost you another S$321. Whoah.

But each camera-less iPhone will come with a certificate recognised by MINDEF, which means you can bring it into an army camp. Small price to pay if you really can’t live without your iPhone in-camp, right? Right?

Unfortunately for those who already own iPhones, M1 isn’t offering camera-removal services for existing customers. SingTel and Starhub customers who don’t want to switch telcos will also have to wait, as neither has plans to offer the phones yet. They do say they are in talks with MINDEF, though, so hopefully more stripped iPhones will be in the pipeline.


This is certainly good news for NSman like me who have to return to camp annually to do my reservist. But I think our young NSFs will be even happier than us! LOL!


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