iPhone 5 Launch 12 Sep, iPhone 5 to be in Singapore on 21 Sep 2012

The whole internet is buzzing with news that Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5 launch on 12 Sep 2012.

Everyone is eagerly anticipating and looking forward to the new iPhone 5 to come. The local newspaper Today has recently announced that the iPhone 5 is expected to reach our shore on 21 Sep 2012.

My friends who are iPhone fans are ready to queue at the first availability of the new device. Are you one of them?

Since my purchase of my iPhone 3G in 2009, I have not bought any iPhone yet because they could not keep up to my expectations or needs. After my iPhone 3G, I used the Android-based Sony Ericsson Arc, and my current phone is Samsung Galaxy Note. My next phone upgrade may be the iPhone 5 as I am looking to continue to use many of the paid apps which I have purchased. But of course, I also need to evaluate the iPhone 5 to see if it can keep up what I need to have on my most frequently used device, my smartphone.

Let’s see what Apple can come up with this time round. Apple is really great at marketing, no doubt about that.

Confirmed iPhone 5 Specifications and Design

This is a follow up post to my earlier post about the iPhone 5 accessories.

I am publishing the design and specifications for the upcoming iPhone 5 today which is rumoured to be launching in September 2012.

Take a look.

As you can see from the picture on this post (click to see larger version), the specifications for the iPhone 5 are as follows:

58.57mm (WIDTH) X 7.60mm (THICKNESS) X 123.84mm (HEIGHT)

What are your thoughts? Let me know about it below with your comments.

iPhone 5 and iPad Mini Rumours confirmed

There are a lot of talks about iPhone 5 and iPad Mini launching later this year online. Usually I will dismiss those claims and rumours until I can confirm that Apple is launching the new products in 2012 (remember how Apple fans were disappointed when Apple came up with iPhone 4S instead of iPhone 5 earlier this year).

So, you may be asking “How can you confirm the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini launches when Apple did not even reveal anything official about this?

Well for me, it is simple. I know the new iPhone and iPad will be launching when my suppliers in China start to send me product catalogue for new accessories for upcoming Apple products. In this instance here, the cases for the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

Early this morning, I just received the first sampling of the iPhone 5 cases and iPad Mini cases catalogue. From my understanding, these accessories are ready for orders and mass production. In the pipeline, the Chinese manufacturers and suppliers are coming up with more designs for the cases/casings.

So for now, especially for the hardcore Apple fans, the design and look of these iPhone 5 and iPad Mini cases will give you a glimpse into how the new iPhone and iPad will roughly look like. (Hmm, the new accessories for iPhone 5 look very much like the iPhone 4 design, probably a bit longer, or taller if you prefer to call it.) The design seems to coincide with the news about the new iPhone 5 design which was replacing the connector with a smaller one.

Enjoy the photos! And oh, they are available for wholesale orders too. Write to firedragoninc@gmail.com for sales enquiries.

The listings below is not an exhaustive list.

iPhone 5 casings


iPad Mini casings


Cameraless iPhone 4/4S now available with M1

For many of us in Singapore who serve National Service, we all know that we are not allowed to bring camera phones into military camp premises. If you are an iPhone lover and would love to bring your iPhone into camp legitimately, your wait is finally over! M1 is now selling iPhone 4/4S without built-in cameras. You can check out their web site for more details. I am also republishing the article from TodayOnline below:

That camera-less iPhone that appeared briefly on M1′s website? It’s now official.

As seen on M1′s store, both iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S models are available camera-less, with bundled plans, each one costing S$49 more than a regular phone with a camera would.

And, as reported by CNET Asia, the cameras are actually completely removed from the phone, so a) there’s no reinstalling them, and b) your Apple warranty is also voided. If you want a warranty, M1 offers an optional one-year contract with a third-party vendor that will cost you another S$321. Whoah.

But each camera-less iPhone will come with a certificate recognised by MINDEF, which means you can bring it into an army camp. Small price to pay if you really can’t live without your iPhone in-camp, right? Right?

Unfortunately for those who already own iPhones, M1 isn’t offering camera-removal services for existing customers. SingTel and Starhub customers who don’t want to switch telcos will also have to wait, as neither has plans to offer the phones yet. They do say they are in talks with MINDEF, though, so hopefully more stripped iPhones will be in the pipeline.


This is certainly good news for NSman like me who have to return to camp annually to do my reservist. But I think our young NSFs will be even happier than us! LOL!


iPhone 4S prices from Starhub, M1 and Singtel Singapore

Hi Apple fans in Singapore, especially for those who are buying or upgrading to iPhone 4S, here are the prices from the 3 Singapore telcos namely Starhub, M1 and Singtel. Pre-orders are available now from the various telcos in Singapore. Launch date will be 28 Oct 2011. The respective telcos will have their own launch events, so have fun, and please say ‘Hi’ to Siri on my behalf when you talk to her.


iPhone 4S prices for Singapore telcos - Starhub, M1, Singtel

iPhone 4S prices for Singapore telcos - Starhub, M1, Singtel

Steve Job died, the day right after launch of iPhone 4S

I woke up this morning to see the news all over the place about Steve Jobs passed away. I felt sad when I heard this as I really felt the loss of someone who, in his own way, has shaped the world in how we live our life and deal with technology.

Even if you are not an Apple fan and don’t own any Apple products like iPhone, iPads etc, he has impacted your life because his inventions had revolutionised the tech industry! Don’t believe? Look at how the new phones coming out in the market in recent years are like, they are all modelling after the success of the  hugely popular iPhone concept. These days when we use our phones, we are swiping left and right to use our phones.

If you are using Windows, you will think that Microsoft created the Windows platform but many of us do not know that the person who came up with the idea of interacting with our computers by clicking on icons to issue our commands to the computer is Steve Jobs himself. Microsoft just popularised this concept with his hugely successful Windows software.

When you think mp3 players, you think iPod. Enough said!

We really lost an amazing visionary today, Steve Jobs. Rest in Peace Sir!

Singapore telcos operators confirm launch of iPhone 4S on 28 Oct 2011

iPhone Lovers in Singapore, this is for you. During Apple’s keynote earlier this morning, Singapore will be the first country in Southeast Asia to get the iPhone 4S, but that there was no mention on which telco will be launching the handset.

CNET Asia has contacted the three Singapore telcos to check on their iPhone 4S availability and pricing, however, spokespersons from the 3 telcos have declined to comment on the above question. Nevertheless, they did confirm that they will be bringing in the new iPhone 4S to Singapore.

SingTel’s spokesperson was confident, saying that the company “will be offering the iPhone 4S”.

M1 indicated that it will be carrying the device as soon as it arrives in Singapore.

StarHub added that it is looking forward to launching the new iPhone in Singapore.

Seeing as how Apple has announced an October 28 launch, it looks like the telcos have all but indirectly confirmed a launch date here in Singapore.

So, will you upgrade your iPhone? For me, most probably yes as I am still using the iPhone 3G! 😛

Apple to unveil iPhone 5 on October 4: report

Apple plans to unveil its next generation iPhone next month, technology blog AllThingsD said Wednesday.

AllThingsD cautioned that Apple could “change its plans anytime,” but said the present plan calls for Apple’s new chief executive Tim Cook to preside over the launch of the iPhone 5 on October 4.

Cook, 50, replaced Apple’s ailing co-founder Steve Jobs as chief executive of the Cupertino, California-based gadget-maker last month.

Citing “sources close to the situation,” the Dow Jones-owned AllThingsD said the iPhone 5 would go on sale within a few weeks after the announcement.

Jobs, 56, the Silicon Valley visionary behind the Macintosh computer, the iPod, iPhone and iPad, stepped down as Apple’s CEO on August 24.

Jobs has presided over Apple’s splashy product launches in the past and AllThingsD said “the pressure will be on Cook to turn in a good performance.”

“What will be interesting to see, of course, is if Jobs himself will also make an appearance, which is something that is likely to be determined by his health, in a decision that will be made very close to the event,” it said.

Jobs underwent an operation for pancreatic cancer in 2004 and a liver transplant in 2009.

Apple released the iPhone 4 in June 2010 and sold 20.34 million of the devices last quarter.

Apple shares have been trading at record highs this week and the stock was up 1.37 percent at $419.13 on Wall Street on Wednesday.

Source: http://sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/Apple-unveil-iPhone-5-October-afpsg-1643939529.html?x=0

Free Promo Codes for NAVVGPS to be given away

I am used to using the built in Google map on my iPhone to find my way around Singapore all these while.

Just recently, I was introduced to this GPS app known as NAVVGPS.

This is an onboard GPS software which requires no network coverage and no extra data costs on 3G or Wifi to use this app because all maps and POIs are stored directly on your iPhone device. The maps that are being used in the NAVVGPS app are from NAVTEQ, the professional map provider that many of us have heard of.

Some features of this GPS app are outlined below:

Navigation mode

• Turn-by-turn navigation for driving

• Voice instructions for accuracy

• Speeding alerts for safety

• 3D landmarks for making maps more realistic



• Cafes, gas stations, etc. – built-in

• Favorites with categories – customizable

• Google for more POIs – embedded


Maps and languages supported

• You can NAVV in English, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Russian, Arabic,
Zulu – overall 25 languages

• NAVV maps are provided by NAVTEQ (2011 Update)


Search by initials

• Flexible search for cities, streets, POIs

• Simply type first letters of desired place

• Just a pair of letters is already enough!

• Accents and national characters are supported


Adventure mode

• Digital compass

• Geo coordinates

• Multiple waypoints

• Dozen of essential meters


I realised that the voice prompts you are hearing in the app are pleasant (to me at least!) and you have the option to download traffic camera spots. There is no option for live traffic though (not yet I believe!).

This is the first professional GPS app that I am using for my iphone and I am having fun playing with it.

Just in case you are interested about how much they cost, here they are:

The costs for the NAVVGPS (for our region) are as follows:
NAVV Singapore & Malaysia costs 24.99 USD,
NAVV Southeast Asia will be 37.99 USD.

For a list of all supported countries, go to their web site

You need iOS4 and above to run this GPS app.

Here are some screen shots of the NAVVGPS app.

To find out more information about this GPS app, go to their web site at http://www.navvgps.com

I have some promotion codes (to download the app for FREE instead of paying for it) to give away to my readers of this iphone blog.

To qualify for the free promotion codes (while stock lasts), do these steps below.

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IMPORTANT: Contest has ended. Thank you for your participation. Winners have already received their redemption codes via email.

Congratulations to the following winners are:
Marcus Loh, Joseph Hiu, Steven Leong, Elvin Koay, Roger Leong from Singapore.
Vladimir from Russia.

Ferrari iPhone 4 Cover Casing From iPhone-Singapore.com

I have brought in a few sets of High Quality Ferrari iPhone 4 covers recently into Singapore to test the market. I have 2 pieces for each of the colours now, available on a first come first serve basis.

I went to some retail shops in Singapore to research on their pricing of these covers that are of the same designs and I found out that the prices range from $49.95 to $59.95!

For the existing stocks that I have in hand now, I am letting go at only SGD$25 per piece. You are getting a great bargain here! If you are interested, drop me an email at firedragoninc@gmail.com asap. Only available for self collection at the convenience of both buyers and sellers.

Here is a photo for you to view (click to view a large image):



PS: I am putting up the Porsche iPhone 4 covers for sale as well when I have the time. If you are eager to get your hands on my beautiful Porsche iPhone 4 covers, please also write to me. Only few pieces are available as well!